Reality Show conduzido por uma jovem astróloga e utilizando uma linguagem pop e atual, MAPA DAS ESTRELAS convida celebridades para fazer seu Mapa Astral.

Em Desenvolvimento

Mapa das Estrelas

The paradise island of Fernando de Noronha is the location that Giovanna selected to enjoy moments with her family, relax and recharge her energies amidst nature, as well as disconnect from our hectic everyday routines. In the company of her brother, Luca, both welcome different friends and spearhead the important mission of making sure their guests put their problems aside and take a break from their frenetic routines.


No Paraíso, Com Gio Ewbank

The feature film “Asa Branca” is under development and tells the story of a boy born in an underprivileged family who recognized in the horseback riding universe a lifechanging opportunity. During an illegal trip to America, he learns that he could revolutionize the horseback riding phenomenon in Brazil. Back on Brazilian soil, he takes charge of his destiny and with herculean effort, changes the game by becoming the most emblematic sportscaster for Brazilian rodeos – a pioneer in the art of broadcasting during the greatest part of the show.

Under development

Asa Branca

A coproduction between Sentimental Filme and Record TV, the series “Terrores Urbanos” depicts psychological horror stories that incorporate some of the most famous urban legends in Brazil – such as “Bloody Mary in the Bathroom” and the “Bag Man” – through five forty-minute episodes.


Terrores Urbanos

A five-episode series broadcast on SPORTV channel that shares the stories and strenuous preparation of the athletes of one of the most awarded teams in sports history: the Brazilian Paralympic National Team.
The series has won awards for Best Documentary at the NY Festival and the 35th International Milan Ficts Fest.


Eu Me Movo

Acclaimed documentary feature film at the Rio 2013 Film Festival, winning the Popular Jury Award for Best Documentary, this film delves into the soccer universe to tell the story of the rivalry between Rio de Janeiro’s two teams, Flamengo and Fluminense, through testimonies of major soccer personalities, like Leandro, Romário, Zico, Assis, Júnior, as well as comments from passionate fans and archive images from TV Globo and Canal 100.


Fla x Flu - 40 Minutos Antes do Nada

A documentary feature film exhibited in movie theaters and on Canal Off that tells the story of Rico de Souza, or Rico, a visionary multi surfing and longboard champion entrepreneur in the 70’s and 80’s, and one of the main people responsible for professionalizing and popularizing the sport in Brazil.


Surfar é Coisa de Rico